Baltimore City Mayoral Candidate Sheila Dixon Announces Support for Zac Dingle, 4th District City Council Candidate

Baltimore City Mayoral Candidate Sheila Dixon Announces Support for Zac Dingle, 4th District City Council Candidate

Former Baltimore mayor and current mayoral candidate, Sheila Dixon, recently announced her support for 4th district city council candidate, Zachery Dingle.

Dixon, who formerly served as the 48th mayor for the city with a history as a public servant for almost three decades is supporting Dingle based on their shared visions of creating a safer Baltimore.

“I’ve seen Zac Dingle change the lives of countless people in Baltimore. I trust him to put our families first on the city council and make sure that those hurting most get the resources they need.”

The Baltimore native aims to partner together to create a better community by creating cleaner communities, providing resources for the youth, and reducing crime. They both agree those changes can only be made with every resident coming together by using their voices to make a difference.

“It’s the compassion, commitment and conviction of community leaders like Zac that make our city stronger, and I am proud to stand side-by-side with him as he seeks to serve his neighbors as your next City Councilman,” Dixon said in a statement.

In return, Dingle believes that Dixon’s distinct commitment, passion, and tireless work in creating a better Baltimore make her the ideal leader.

“Sheila, myself, and all the dedicated city leaders will work together to restore confidence and trust to move Baltimore forward in reducing crime, transforming education, and cultivating economic prosperity”, Dingle stated. “I humbly look forward to representing the citizens of the fourth district. Sheila and I hope we can count on your support during this election, and we pray that you and your family remain healthy and safe during these unprecedented and challenging times.”

As Baltimore prepares to elect new leadership and embark on an unprecedented recovery of COVID-19, Dixon and Dingle, plan to roll up their sleeves and do what they have always done: service the residents of Baltimore City.

Be sure to cast your ballot on or before June 2 in favor of Zac Dingle, 4th District City Council Candidate and Sheila Dixon, Mayor, Baltimore City. For further information regarding the elections process, please visit

Article by Brianna Rhodes

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