Zachery Dingle was born at Union Memorial Hospital on 33rd Street in Baltimore on January 5, 1971. The son of Darcel West and the late Gary Dingle, Zac is a third generation Baltimorean. He attended Barclay Elementary School, Winston Middle School, and Northern High School (he spent his junior year at Cardinal Gibbons High School).

As an energetic seven-year-old, Zac Dingle began his baseball career on the Dewees Little League baseball field. The Loch Raven football field would be his gridiron home just three years later. Like many Baltimore City residents, Zac’s house was full of love, but not much finance.

Zac Dingle’s commitment, dedication, and passion to civic service was inspired by his late father. Gary Dingle served four decades as a juvenile probation officer in Baltimore. Young Zac would accompany his father as they drove and walked the streets of East Baltimore. Zac Dingle admired the respect and love that Baltimore youth had for his dad, which was earned by the respect and love that his father showed them. The time Zac Dingle spent with his father also gave him a front row seat into the redeemable nature that all people have. These observations solidified that Zac would devote his life to helping people in as many ways as he could.


Zac Dingle’s high school athletic prowess earned him an athletic scholarship to attend Norfolk State University. Immediately following his freshman year, Zac joined the United States Army Reserve where he served for eight years (six years active, two years inactive). During that same summer, Zac transferred to Delaware State University to be closer to his ailing grandmother in Baltimore. While at Delaware State University, Zac began to develop the necessary skills and strategies to follow in his father’s footsteps in the continued service of the city of Baltimore. As part of Zac’s senior capstone, he developed a youth-focused social work program that eventually would serve as the foundation for the creation of his agency. Immediately upon completing his undergraduate studies in 1994, he returned to his pride and joy—Baltimore —the only place he had ever called home—- to do the work that is his life’s calling. In 2002, Zac Dingle earned his Master of Social Work degree with a specialization in child and families and community organizing.

Professional Career

Immediately upon returning to Baltimore after graduating from DSU, “Zac” Dingle commenced work as a social worker, servicing Baltimore’s at-risk youth and their families. In 1999, Zac formed what has become among the leading human services agencies in Maryland, Jumoke, Inc. For the past twenty-five years, Jumoke, Inc. has been deliberate in working with children and families who have been underserved, cast aside, and literally forgotten. During the same time, Zac (through Jumoke, Inc.) negotiated tens of millions of dollars in contracts with the state of Maryland. More importantly, he employed thousands of Baltimoreans, ensuring them a livable wage and the ability to purchase homes right here in Baltimore City and to live full lives.

For the past two and a half decades, Zac Dingle has committed his entire adult life to the service of Baltimore city’s at-risk youth and their families. Even Zac’s peers and competitors in the human services industry recognize his leadership and commitment to Baltimore City by electing him Chairman of the Provider Advisory Council for multiple terms (2012-2017). Jumoke, Inc. is one of the longest standing minority-owned human services agency in the city of Baltimore and in the state of Maryland. Beyond debate and without equivocation, for the past twenty five years, Zac Dingle has been on the frontline knee deep in working to improve the lives of Baltimoreans and in helping to ensure Baltimore’s youth and families have a brighter tomorrow.


Zac Dingle is married to Liset Collazo-Dingle, a Baltimore City immigration attorney. Their daughter, Kamaria Dingle, is a graduate of West Virginia University and recently earned her Master of Business Administration degree from St. Mary’s University and is an executive at Jumoke, Inc. Their son, Kojo Dingle, is a Morgan State University student and starting offensive lineman for the MSU Bears football team.